How's it hangin' bucko? I'm some chump, and this is my hellscape. Try and have some fun* I guess.

10/29/21: Classic Update

Boy, sure has been a minute. Site's going on three years old. Not gonna lie, I miss the days when this place was brand spankin' new. It was supposed to be the start of... SOMETHING new, but I guess that never panned out. Oh well. (P.S.- GHOST / NORMAL POKEMON IS FINALLY A REALITY BAY-BEEE!)

1/14/20: Dashing Update

Waltis Baltis

11/28/19: Tubular Update

An archive of some old, ironic, and awful drawings have been uploaded! If you're a masochist and hate yourself, check em out here.

11/22/19: Epic Update

It's construction time bois. (edit: most instances of the word 'gamer' has been wiped off the site. That REALLY got old fast.)

*Fun not guaranteed.